It will be legendary!


Dear number 77 Tablers,

We will kindly welcome you, and your partners, to the Round Table 77 Euromeeting 2021 in Oosterbeek, starting Thursday September 2th to Sunday September 5th! We will host you with our typical Dutch hospitality and show you around the beautiful surroundings of Oosterbeek and Arnhem. It will be a great experience you’ll never forget!


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Official program

Thursday 2 September
14:00  Welcome at Doorwerth Castle
19:00  Private Diner
21:00  Kings and Queens party

Friday 3 September
10:00  Airborne roundtrip with military vehicles
19:00  Big Roast
21:00  Landing Party

Saturday 4 September
10:00  Airborne Hike
14:00  Convent (only for Tablers)
14:00  Drinks and make-up party (for the ladies!)
18:00  Lustrum RT177 Gala Diner including charity auction
21:00  Start Gala DJ Party

Sunday 5 September
10:00  Breakfast
11:30  Farewell


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